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Security System – Residential



Full Time Security

Your security system is like a personal 24 hour sentry. It’s always on duty, always vigilant, and always ready to sound an alarm at the first sign of danger.  When your system is monitored, it will also alert your emergency responders that help is needed.  Whether you’re awake or asleep, at home or away, your home is protected.  Many insurance companies offer savings on premiums when your system is monitored.

Toca Alarm Systems are modular, created from a variety of components, providing you with different levels of protection.  Depending on your needs, your system may include:

  • Interior/exterior motion detectors
  • Smoke and fire sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Window and door switches


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Designed For You

Almost any system can provide basic protection from burglary and fire.  A Toca Alarm system offers additional features, some standard and some optional, that make them easier to use while enhancing security. Because systems are modular, you can specify exactly the level of security you want. Once installed, your system is programmable to customize it to your lifestyle.


My Access™– Control your alarm system via SMS text commands or from our very own iPhone/Android app. Receive status messages and alarms directly to your cell phone and/or email.

Red-illuminated Keypad –  When tripped, your system sounds the alarm for a defined amount of time, and then turns off.  Our keypad remains illuminated red after the alarm turns off, giving you a visual warning that there was an alarm while you were gone.

Pet Immune – There are even pet-immune detectors that allow your pet to wander the house without tripping the alarms.

False Alarm Reduction – False alarms annoy neighbors and may result in fees from your emergency responders.  Toca Alarm has special features that reduce false alarms, ensuring reliable emergency responses.

Easy-To-Use – You control your system from the keypad.  Ours are not only attractive, but are also easy to see  and easy to use, so there’s minimal training required.  Easy operation ensures your system will be used by employees, with fewer false alarms.

No Landline? No Problem – Eliminate the expense of a phone line, or add an additional level of protection against down phone lines with Toca Alarm’s cellular unit.  Choose cellular, network, or dail-up communication options to ensure your system is in a constant contact with our monitoring facility.



Unlike many alarm companies out there, Toca Alarm does not and will not sell your contract to another company. You have the peace of mind knowing your account will always be with Toca Alarm.

Yes, most insurance companies do offer an insurance discount of up to 20%.

Yes, the installation of a security system is only as good as the knowledge of the technician installing the system and the security consultant designing the system.

Yes, Toca alarm offers one of the best warranties in the industry.

Yes! Most companies program test every 30 days or not at all.  Toca Alarm cellular systems test every 24 hours.

We offer very reasonable monthly monitoring rates. Be extremely cautious of cheap monthly monitoring rates as it usually means inadequate monitoring.

Yes, there is a feature which you arm the system in stay mode which bypasses the motions and allows you to walk around the premises while maintaining a secure perimeter.

Yes, cellular transmits much faster and you do not have to worry about your phone line being disabled or alarm signal not transmitting due to phone company having technical issues.