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CCTV – Residential

Video Tells The Story

Protect your family, home or business using a surveillance camera system. Properly placed cameras inside and outside of your home will deter criminals.  It also allows you to make sure your valuable assets are safe when you are on the go. Plain and simple, a video-verified alarm is better.  And today’s technology makes video alarms not only possible, but also affordable.

Installation Anywhere

CCTV cameras can be installed anywhere inside or outdoors to capture video and allow you to monitor your property and family’s safety from any location.

CCTV Videos

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On Demand Interactivity

Nearly everything is interactive today, and video security is no different. Our smartphone app gives customers the ability to request remote video and snapshot on demand, while the security camera system preserves privacy with only videos of alarms being automatically sent to the Central Station for review and dispatch.

Monitoring Validation

Our central station receives the alarm and video together in the same message, allowing monitoring staff to instantly confirm the presence of an intruder. Non-events are also identified, preventing charges for false alarms.

Notification and Dispatch

Confirmation of a crime-in-progress elevates the priority of the alarm and expedites police response.

Priority Response

Priority Response means more arrests. Video verified alarms have proven arrest rates thousands of times better than traditional alarms. Traditional alarms have arrest rates at 0.08% according to police studies. The sooner responders arrive on scene; the sooner they make arrests. As a result, there’s less time for property damage to occur and a greater chance of recovering stolen property, all thanks to an integrated security camera system.