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The “Stay” or “Interior” modes give you the freedom of arming the perimeter of your system (the doors and windows), while ignoring the interior protection (motion detectors).

You can receive opening/closing reports on a weekly or monthly basis for an additional monitoring fee(Each time the alarm system is armed or disarmed special codes are sent to our monitoring station which record the time and by whom the system was armed or disarmed)

Recent improvements led to the development of “Pet immune” or “Pet-friendly” motion detectors. These detectors will actually ignore up to an 80lb dog or five cat

The only signals transmitted to Central Station in the case of an alarm not being armed would be 24 hour protection devices such as smoke and heat detectors. Toca Alarm recommends that you keep the system armed even when you are at home for the best protection at all times.

Powering down a system should only be performed as a last resort. Always contact someone from Toca before performing a system shut down. In order to power a system down, you will need to unplug the transformer (may be screwed into outlet) from the wall outlet. In addition, you will to locate the back-up battery in main control panel and remove the two terminal wires connecting to battery.

You may have a door or window that is open or not completely closed, motion detectors may be sensing movement, or just a previous alarm is in memory. Try depressing the reset key or checking all doors/windows to be sure they are closed.

It is imperative that we have current numbers to be able to notify in the event of an emergency. Please immediately contact the office at 504-780-8622 with any changes. All submissions received by 4pm will be updated the same day.

The user manual provided at time of installation is a very helpful tool in understanding the operations of your security system. Should you misplace it or were not given one upon installation of your system, please call 504-780-8622 and we will be happy to send you one.

Although your system is programmed to communicate by test signal on a regular basis, it is your responsibility to test your system for proper working order. If you find that your system is not working properly, call 504-780-8622 and request a work order.

In some instances, if the alarm is turned off in time, the system will not transmit the false alarm signal to the monitoring station.

In most cases yes, unfortunately, this service can only be performed during business hours and it must be a panel Toca has installed for remote access ability.

It is the 4-6 digit number you enter into your keypad to arm/disarm the security system. If you want to change your code number, please consult your system manual for instructions. If further assistance is needed you may call 504-780-8622 for assistance. Please be aware that everyone who has access to your premises must know the code for use of system.

Please call 504-780-8622 for assistance. In most cases the problem can be solved by phone. Unfortunately, some instances may require a service tech to come out to the premises for assistance.

Should you forget your password, and there is an activation, the operator will send the authorities to investigate the alarm. Please call customer service at 504-780-8622 for instructions on changing password to prevent authorities from having to come out unnecessarily.

False alarms take police away at times from real emergencies. Neighbors tend to ignore the alarm should your system go off repeatedly. Understanding operations of your security system can help prevent false alarms.

In the event of an emergency, call 911 first. If you unable to call 911, depress the panic on your keypad and our Central Station will respond by calling the local authorities.

You have a back-up battery which maintains protection for several hours in the event of a power loss. A low battery signal will be sent to the Central Station for you to be notified in the event it is low.

Toca Alarm would be happy to assist in investigating any problems you may have with your equipment. Just call 504-780-8622 for assistance.