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Home Automation


Now your alarm system can do more than just keep you safe. 

Using a cellular communication link with your security system also makes it possible to add a variety of home control features. The interface lets you select from the wide variety of inexpensive home control devices, and command them via your smart phone or mobile device.

  • Remotely turn on lights, radios, televisions and other appliances, creating the impression that someone is home.
  • Adjust your thermostat, so you can set the temperature while gone, then adjust it to a comfortable temperature on the way home…a real energy and money saver.
  • Lock or unlock exterior doors, so you can let someone in even if you’re not home, and never have to rush home to verify that you locked the door on your way out.
  • Automatically lock doors when you arm your system.
  • Automatically turn on lights when system has been activated.

 Home Automation Videos

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Home Automation

Wireless control for lighting and appliances, door locks, cameras and thermostats.  Now you can teach your system some great, new tricks. Add easy-to-install devices, and your  security system becomes the brains of a customizable home control system.

Build Your System

There are a variety of devices to choose from, letting you select just the things you want to control via home automation.

Stronger Security

Have your internet of things system programmed to turn on and dim lights, lock and unlock doors, turn appliances on/off, view your home and/or business real time with optional camera and even control your thermostat.

Added Convenience

You can individually control devices through your security system, but a bigger benefit comes when you combine commands to several devices to create your “Favorite” settings.  “Favorites” let you quickly use the features you want.

Mobile Control

This home automation can be controlled via text with MyAccess™ service, or an APP on your Apple iPhone® and i Pad, on your Android™ Smartphone or Tablet.